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The Scavenger Hunt

Click the link to open the Scavenger Hunt worksheet. It will open in a new window. (If it doesn't open, you might need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you can't open the worksheet, use this HTML List instead.) The worksheet should look like this:

Print out the worksheet and use it to record what you find. Use the Navigation Tool to find the 20 items on the worksheet. If you need help, review the last few pages of this project. When you find a match, record the data from the data box on the worksheet. Some of the items (such as the ghost) will not have data available. For those items, choose a nearby star or galaxy and record its data instead.

Your teacher will tell you how long you have. The first group to find all the items on the list, or the group with the most when time runs out, wins. The objects are listed in order of increasing difficulty. In case of a tie, #20 is the tiebreaker.

After the hunt, E-mail us the winning groups, and we'll put them up on these pages. Include the ra, dec, and magnitudes of each object your group found, so we can find them too.

Ready, set, go!